LOCATION: Calle 50, Bellavista, PANAMÁ


SURFICE: 58,000sf

YEAR: 2013


DESCRIPTION: Enlargement of the Matrix House building of the insurance Company Assa. The new building, of contemporary nature, stands above the current one, respecting its history through a change in rhythm and materials in the façade.

The metallic skin that embraces the older building creates a link between modern and antique, remarking the collaboration between both buildings. The façade consists of a metallic micro-perforated net that works as a brise-soleil. Behind it, there are tramex gateways that facilitate the access between the skin and the folding glasses of the inside.

A breach that surrounds and relations the four offices floors divides the space, empowering the business’ philosophy of bringing together verticality and horizontality.

Designed by Sergio Ezlo