LOCATION: Hut Pointe, Eleuthera. THE BAHAMAS


SURFACE: 95,200 sf

YEAR: 2021


DESCRIPTION: The island of Eleuthera stands out with a distinctive energy, shaped by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Located mere meters from the sea, this luxury hotel project captures the essence of its surroundings through two expansive East-West oriented modules, allowing guests to experience both the sunrise and sunset over the Caribbean horizon.

The hotel is adapted to suit today’s needs and has generous co-working spaces and meeting rooms; each room is designed for maximum comfort, down to the last detail, and boasts stunning sea views and a spacious terrace for relaxation. The top floor features a gourmet restaurant with a vast terrace, perfect for soaking up the sea breeze and enjoying late evening meals. The pristine night skies, free from light pollution, provide an ideal setting for stargazing.

Designed as an adults-only retreat, the hotel offers an elegant, casual, and comfortable atmosphere. Guests can indulge in a state-of-the-art spa and gym, with multipurpose rooms for various fitness and wellness activities. A heated pool ensures year-round leisure, enhancing the serene and sophisticated environment that defines this exceptional establishment.